Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Tattoo Events Worth Noting

For those of you in or around the Atlanta area, here are two events worth checking out in the near future.

The first is on Saturday August 1 from 7-10pm at YoungBlood Gallery. Danielle Distefano (who did the 13 spade on my chest) will be having an art opening. The theme is 100 ladies and all the paintings will be for sale. There are the usual snacks and drinks. It runs through August 30th. She's a total sweetheart and very talented, so if you're in the area, try to check it out.

The second one is the following Saturday August 8. Ink & Dagger will be hosting and since I can't say it any better, here's the info from the man himself:
Starting at noon, Ink & Dagger will open its doors and let the festivities begin with a smorgasbord of manly tattoo designs for $50 or less. After you get your manly badge of honor, head to the big tent and raise a glass to the Y-chromosome while enjoying a plate of the city’s finest BBQ. Stick around for a live sideshow performance from the world famous Capt. Stub-Taggo. He’ll amaze your eyes and astound your senses as he performs timeless sideshow acts including sword swallowing and the human pincushion.

As the day progresses, the Captain will host a carnival of events including an lady dunk tank, arm wrestling showdown, bobbing for lobsters, wing eating contest, cinder block toss, and the human dart board... to name a few!

Everyone wins on “Man Day” but a lucky few will win a free spin on Ink & Dagger’s soon to be world famous “Tattoo Wheel of Destiny”. Once you emerge victorious from one of our manly competitions, your true destiny awaits as you step up and face the wheel. Throw caution to the wind and give it a spin.

The festivities don't end there... The Man Day after party is hosted by our friends at The Graveyard Tavern. You won't want to miss the painted ladies and debauchery!

Don’t worry ladies, if you’ve been thinking this day would have nothing to offer you, you’ve got it all wrong. No man is worth a damn without a good woman at his side. So we wouldn’t dream of excluding you… just keep those skirts short and your necklines low. We’ll see you on “Man Day”!!!

I will, of course, be attending both. Keep your eyes peeled for the redhead in the tattoo print dress and don't be afraid to come over and say hi.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures & More Pictures

Official pictures taken of James Bond & Aleister. Nothing like hiking up one's skirt in a room full of men. It's a good thing I'm not shy. ;) It needs a little bit of a touch up, but nothing major. I guess I'll get around to scheduling it once I'm over this test. With a piece that size, there were bound to be a few spots that didn't heal perfectly.

Still need to schedule time with Sylvia. The last time we talked she was doing a wedding out of state and starting a new day job. I'm probably not gonna get any skinnier, so now's as good a time as any.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We'll Be Alright, We'll Be Okay

Nothing new to report. I did get grabbed at the mall yesterday by a lady in Hot Topic (yes I was in a Hot Topic. Don't ask). She had a peacock feather tattooed on her forearm and wanted to see Lucius. She did apologize for grabbing me and said she hated it when people did it to her. It didn't bother me so much and I was happy to show her, but I was on a roll with the whole no grabbing thing.

Since I won't be in the office four days this week, I can wear whatever I want. It truly is the small things in life that make you happy. Of course, I was told the classroom is really cold so I may end up covered head to toe anyway. I'm planning for all contingencies.

Still need to get my dermal tightened again. I have no idea when I'm going to have the time to do that. I don't really have time today and Melanie's out of town anyway. I might be able to swing it next Saturday, but definitely not next Sunday. My big scary test is next Monday, so I'll probably spend all day Sunday studying and reviewing. I won't have time to drive 40 minutes one way for a 5 minute adjustment. It hasn't fallen out yet, so I'm not too worried.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Stupid People Rant Part 957

The more I say I shouldn't let shit get to me, the more it does. This same dumb bitch at work drives me batty. I'm glad I don't work with her that often because I'd probably beat her to death with a bottle of lotion. She's really rude in general, but she seems to love using me as a lightning rod.

I go in last night wearing a tee, so most of the stuff on my arms is visible. She goes "Oh my God! Don't you have any space left?". I just brushed her off with one word answers during the usual 20 questions when stupid people don't know when to shut the fuck up. It's no one's damn business how much skin I do or don't have left! It's not your problem! Back the fuck off, asshole.

I also hate it when people are all "Well, you made the decision to get tattoos, you should just deal with what people say". Umm, no. I deal with no one. I will happily answer any questions that are asked in a respectful and genuinely curious manner. I don't put up with closed minded idiots interrogating me. I don't walk up to people and say "Hey, did you know that your nose is really ugly?". Elective or not, it's amazing how many people don't know when to just shut their trap.

On a positive note, New Friend and I were complimented on our work over the weekend. This lady who was apparently a photographer said we'd make a good photo with all our art and the retro look we had about us. So even in the most unusual places, people will surprise me.