Sunday, July 12, 2009

We'll Be Alright, We'll Be Okay

Nothing new to report. I did get grabbed at the mall yesterday by a lady in Hot Topic (yes I was in a Hot Topic. Don't ask). She had a peacock feather tattooed on her forearm and wanted to see Lucius. She did apologize for grabbing me and said she hated it when people did it to her. It didn't bother me so much and I was happy to show her, but I was on a roll with the whole no grabbing thing.

Since I won't be in the office four days this week, I can wear whatever I want. It truly is the small things in life that make you happy. Of course, I was told the classroom is really cold so I may end up covered head to toe anyway. I'm planning for all contingencies.

Still need to get my dermal tightened again. I have no idea when I'm going to have the time to do that. I don't really have time today and Melanie's out of town anyway. I might be able to swing it next Saturday, but definitely not next Sunday. My big scary test is next Monday, so I'll probably spend all day Sunday studying and reviewing. I won't have time to drive 40 minutes one way for a 5 minute adjustment. It hasn't fallen out yet, so I'm not too worried.

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