Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Melody, The Memory

I called Dustin this afternoon and we're getting together Monday for a consult. He was pretty excited when I told him where I wanted it. Prime real estate as he called it. I'm thinking about a few modifications to make her more me, mostly because it's a lot of black work. It'll be a fairly easy one sitting piece. I don't want it much bigger than my fist and I think the rose is actually bigger than that. Plus, my arms are so skinny, it would be hard to make her much bigger than that and not wrap around too much. All will be determined in less than 48 hours. So. Excited.

Now for the opinion time. I've wanted my shin tattooed for about a year now. I want one of Jeremy's "lady heads" as I'm sure I've mentioned. There are two drawbacks to this idea. One, my legs swell like crazy when I get tattooed. My thigh swelled so much last year that I had to take a day off work. So I'd have to arrange it so that I could be off my feet for at least three days. I'm thinking around Labor day. Since I have no time off, it would have to be near a day that we already have off. The next chance after that is Thanksgiving. If I got tattooed Friday night, I could lay around all weekend. Secondly, it would doom me to pants or tights for the rest of my working life. That's a long time. Like I'll probably be working until I'm close to 70. It's not a huge obstacle really. I wear pants most days because I find skirts ride up and my thigh tattoo shows. In the winter, I can mix it up with tights and skirts. I need to update my work wardrobe anyway. So, do the cons outweigh the pro of the fact I've been waiting over a year to do this? Really, the staying off my feet con is temporary. It's really whether or not I'm willing to commit to certain fashion restrictions for the next 45 years or so.

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