Monday, August 16, 2010

Man Day 2010

So, I don't have any pictures, but I'm sure I'll slowly nick some off Facebook.

In short, it was an awesome day. Originally I hadn't intended to get tattooed, but in light of the fact I'm not going to the beach, I figured why not? I got there at 1145 and I was 19th on the list. So I settled in for a long wait. I chatted with Jon, Jason, & Zach, watched a few people in front of me get tattooed, and finally went over to Wahoo for brunch. I also helped come up with a game for someone to win a free spin on the now infamous Wheel of Destiny. I suggested shotgunning a beer and it evolved into just chugging it. A fine collaboration between Russ and myself, methinks.

I got tattooed around 230 by Scott A. It's on the under side of my left upper arm near my armpit, so a relatively tender spot. However, because of how I was holding my arm it went to sleep and I was numb for about half the tattoo. Weirdest. Feeling. Ever. He trussed me up and I went home to nap before the after party. Tattoos are like sleeping pills for me. I always feel the need to nap after I get one. The after party was over at Twain's, which was infinitely better than last year. Last year everything was crammed into the side parking lot and the patio at Wahoo. It was still hot as balls in Twain's, but at least it was indoors. I ran into a couple people I wasn't expecting to see, which was cool. I was a little miffed that they had a limited menu and I couldn't get my garlic fries, but I see the logic behind it. I also played pool there for the first time. And by played, I mean sucked ass at. It was definitely a well organized and executed event. I was thrilled that so many people showed up and I don't even officially have anything to do with the shop.

Now maybe they'll revisit the Halloween party so I can experience that. :D

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