Monday, October 26, 2009

Pining for Piercings

I miss my piercings. Mostly my tongue, nose, and nipples. I could actually probably get away with having my tongue pierced as long as it was in the pink family or flat on the top instead of a ball. Though my work situation may be in flux in the near future, so perhaps I should hold off. I really want my lip pierced still, but that's just not gonna happen. There's really no way to hide it. I guess I'll just have to wait until I quit working for the man and become a bohemian poet.

When I told Jason how much my nipple piercings hurt, he was surprised. He thinks they were pierced too deep or something along those lines the first time. I'll buy it. Possibly TMI, but my nipples can put up with quite a bit of abuse and that almost brought me to tears. So if I decide to get them repierced, I'll get Jason to do it. I'm not shy. ;) It's not like I can afford it now anyway. My financial situation won't really be improving after all. I guess something to save up for? I was planning on taking a break from the tattoos, so maybe I'll go back to piercings.


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