Sunday, October 4, 2009

Consults and Touch Ups

I had my consult with Danielle today for the last spot on my left arm. We decided to take this girl:

And make her more gothic and sinister to fit with what I already have. She's actually going to have tattoos as well, which I think is gonna look awesome. I think we're gonna give her a full sleeve and flowers in her hair so she looks a little more like me. Danielle was really into it, which was also exciting. It's always way better when the artist is into it. So I'm set for Nov 4 and she thinks she can do it all in one session. Rock on.

I'm also set for my touch up with Russ. I'll be seeing him Thursday night. That'll be good to finally get done, though my thigh doesn't think so. It won't be nearly as bad as the last time, though. I should be able to walk just fine after just a touch up. Russ didn't seem to think it would take that long, so I figure it won't be that traumatic. I don't have much desire to walk around like a pirate for another 2 days.

I still haven't figured out what to get Kurt to atone for canceling on him. I'm really leaning toward the gift certificate for a nice dinner. Who doesn't like going out to dinner? I know I'd be pretty happy with that. So maybe I'll just go with that. I'll refresh my memory on the prices of the stuff at this place and determine how much seems right for a dinner with drinks and dessert. After all, might as well go whole hog. Then once I do that, I'll schedule the second session for Misty and stick to it. I'd like to get it done with enough time to be healed or mostly healed by the first wedding, so that puts me getting it done sometime next week. I guess we'll see. I still have to atone after all and I'll give him a ridiculously big tip. I gave him over 20% last time, so I think that's appropriate for this time around.

Also, a shout out to my friend Grace who got her first tattoo this week and it looks awesome. Congratulations, girl! Welcome to the club.

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