Saturday, November 29, 2008

Off the wish list, in the queue

I'm starting to get really excited about my upcoming tattoos. I'm going in next Sunday to get Mae a check up and I'm going to give him the source material for Lola (a shirt). I'm also thinking of asking him to go ahead and do the "tough bitch" tattoo. It wouldn't take very long and I've wanted it for a while. I've pretty much given up feeling like I'm doing too much. For a while, I thought I might be overloading my system with healing, but it might have also just been a general funk. I felt like Mark might be getting tired of seeing me and doing these huge involved pieces. Then after a little thought and a day or two, I realized I was just being paranoid. He's never given me any indication that I'm a nuisance and even encouraged me to hang around. Once I stuck around well after I was done just watching him tattoo the guy after me and then I left. Anyway, not the point of the entry.


I'd like to give him plenty of time to work on the sketch. She's going to be started on my birthday, which is 6 weeks from tomorrow. Before that, I'm getting the hummingbird on my right forearm right before Christmas. I gave Mark my whole list and he liked all of them. He was actually the one who suggested I get something "short" done when I came in to get Mae touched up. So we decided on the hummingbird. I think that one's going to be really pretty. Of course, my parents will probably flip out. Another highly visible tattoo that's going to ruin my reputation, chance of employment, and might also give me herpes. I have to wear long sleeves anyway because of rose, so I don't see why getting something higher up on my arm is a problem. However, they just don't get it half the time. But, what can I do? At least they won't see "tough bitch" and I'm not sure they know about pretty bird.

I'd blog more, but my computer is being stupid slow and I'm sick of waiting 10 seconds for my letters to come up.

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karma-cleanser said...

haha! I love it. My dad said that he wants me to wait until I have another job (in teaching) to continue my shoulder if it would matter. I said that tattoos would seriously compromise my hiring potential. I was like..uhhh....well I guess I'm screwed. Adding more to something doesnt make it much worse. Plus, I realized that, hwen I was in H.S. or in my office now for that matter..I was always cold...THUS always wore long sleeves/ button down shirts etc. I can put up with long sleeves in the summer (this was Ryan's only caution) drive home and change. TA-DA! when our generation becomes the CEO's and whatnot..tats, I think, will be more accepted. My mom says its a fad....She's a lush.