Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yup, I'm a Jumper

I've been thinking about getting a VCH for about a year. Of course, I always thought about something I wanted more, so the VCH always took a back seat. When I started working in a pretty conservative office at the beginning of the year, the VCH started to look more appealing. It would be concealed at all times and still keep the piercing bug in me happy. I decided I was going to go through with it. As if the anticipation wasn't bad enough, I ended up having to reschedule twice. I finally got an appointment set and was ready to take the plunge. I went to see Christina, who'd done my nipples back in February. I knew she was good and was much more comfortable with the fact she was female. I figure it's a good idea to have the parts if you're going to pierce them.

I arrived a bit early and Christina was busy with another client. I chatted with Ben who was working the counter and decided on what jewelry I wanted. I decided I could go really crazy with the color since no one is ever going to see it. I decided on a really pretty teal. I was surprised to find that the barbell would be straight. Apparently curved barbells are suited for people with a different anatomy than mine. After I filled out paperwork, picked my color, and everything was sterilized, we went back to the piercing room.

I was really glad I wore a skirt so I could just hike it up and take my panties off rather than having to totally strip down. It was a bit awkward laying there spread eagle and having a fairly normal conversation. Somewhat like being at the gynecologist without the stirrups and paper gown. Part of what I love about Christina, and for that matter the rest of the staff at PE, is they have an excellent bedside manner. You feel totally at ease even when they're about to poke a needle in you. She had me laughing pretty much the whole time. I was having my right anti helix done at the same time, so she did that one first. Then it was time for the big one. She placed the jewelry under my hood and determined which spot hurt the least. I flinched the first time and the third time, but the second one didn't seem to bother me as much. So I decided on that one. She had me do the breathing exercises. I ended up taking more like 5 deep breaths before she tried to pierce me.

When the needle finally went through, I jumped about 3 inches back. I started profusely apologizing and she assured me she knew I was going to react like that. She actually just poked me enough to get the reaction and then actually fully pierced me. I was impressed and amused by the whole thing. I was convinced I'd screwed it up, but she's good at what she does. It was probably my second most painful piercing after my nipples. My hip actually cramped and I had to hobble and limp my way out. At least I didn't waddle, which is largely a psychological reaction to getting pierced in that area. Christina said I looked like a person who's hip cramped rather than someone with a new VCH. Since I've been pierced a total of 15 times with 11 to actually show for it, she just refreshed my memory on aftercare rather than going through the whole process.

The drive home was tough. It was almost impossible to find a comfortable position. I was seriously regretting going by myself and not getting someone to drive me. However, I made it and promptly laid spread eagle on the couch. It's been about 7 hours and I can't really feel it at all. I did bleed a good bit, but I think that's stopped as well. It was probably due in part to the fact I'd taken Tylenol earlier in the day and my blood might have been a bit thinner. There's a reason they recommend against taking any kind of pain medication before getting pierced. My anti helix is actually bothering me more than the VCH at this point.

If you're thinking about this piercing, go for it. Never be afraid of the pain. Get it because you want it. Even though I said it was painful, don't let that stop you. It is a needle going through your skin. I can’t speak to its potential sexually as I’m currently single, but perhaps I’ll discover those alleged benefits sometime in the future. The upside is this is a very fast healing piercing in a self cleaning area, so aftercare is pretty much a non issue. Keep it clean, don't touch it, and your body will do the rest.

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