Sunday, November 30, 2008


As with putting anything about yourself out there, you're bond to run across the occasional person who feels the need to insult you. I'm not really out there with my tattoos and piercings. If I know someone wants to see it, I'll show them. I by no means wave it in their face and go "OMG look at my awesome tattoo *teehee*!". Three such incidents spring to mind and I guess I feel the need to record their ignorance and rudeness for posterity. Pictures are at the bottom for reference.

The first tattoo that got insulted was the one on my ring finger. My goal was not to make it a perfect Hallmark heart. I wanted it to be a little off beat and different. Mark actually used Tim Burton as inspiration so it became my Tim Burton heart. I posted a picture in my personal blog and one girl replied with "Not to be rude or anything, but is it supposed to look like that?". Whenever someone starts a sentence with "Not to be rude" you know something offensive is going to pop out of their stupid little mouths (or fingers as the case may be). I chose not to respond and one of my friends jumped to my aid. She asked why she would say something so rude when I was obviously very proud of the work. The original insulter said "Oh well then I would've told you where to go to get it fixed". WTF? She has no tattoos. Zero. Nada. How would she know a reputable shop and a talented artist to "fix" my tattoo?

The second one was the rose on my left arm. We had a floorset at work, which meant we didn't have to come in uniform. I was wearing short sleeves, so rose was clearly visible. One of my co-workers sees it and goes through the usual ration of stupid questions ("Is that real?" "Why did you get it?") and then goes "Ugh, that's hideous!". I was rendered completely speechless. I'm never rendered completely speechless. Once I got over being stunned, I just walked away. This lady is seriously rude to begin with, so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised. She has a really poorly done butterfly on one of her ankles, but hey, at least I didn't point out just how poorly done and ugly it was.

The third one was my beloved pin up girl Mae. I had posted a series of photos online. The general response was positive. Then a few people questioned the quality of Mark's work, which really hurt me. Again, someone else jumped to my defense (I have great friends!) and told them that he was an excellent artist and to stuff it. I told her that I was sorry she felt that way but I've never been dissatisfied with his work and would probably never change artists. The one time I did that, it wasn't really successful. I wouldn't say I'm not happy with those two tattoos, but I think they could've been a little more special than they turned out.

So that's the wall of shame for today. Remember kiddies, talking about people behind their backs isn't always a bad thing ;).



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karma-cleanser said...

hey, it's Jenn from BBW. Who the hell said that??! I can see on a message board and being anonymous and all but to your face..Christ..I think it loks awesome and I told you know. I'm going back to 13 Roses on the 27th to get my paisleys turned into a quarter sleeve :P