Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Addiction Continues...

Potential new ink this weekend. I'm going to the shop on Thursday evening to get Mae checked on. I'm still having some issues with breakouts, but nothing serious. There's nothing actually on her, just the surrounding skin. That's the good news. The bad news is, it obviously means my skin is not happy with the situation. So I figure if they're still there on Thursday, maybe they can figure out something I haven't thought of yet. I've tried spot treating, washing once a day with a gentle face wash, and an unscented skin protectant/lotion.

Now on to the potential for new ink. I'm going to be in two weddings next year and attending a third (so far). I've been thinking about the sparrows on my collarbones for a while now. What makes me want to hurry up and get them is the fact that we're going dress shopping in a little over 3 weeks. I'd like to know exactly what I'm dealing with when I'm trying on dresses. Obviously a strapless dress is a no go. However, there are plenty of other options that would probably completely cover them. Both brides are open to different necklines. A boatneck seems like the most obvious to cover them, but I might be able to place them so a halter top would also cover them. If I don't actually get them done this weekend, I can at least try to get a solid idea of where they'll be. All of this will be discussed with Mark of course and I think I know what he'll say. He'll probably sketch them out and get placement set on Thursday and we'll actually do it on Sunday. Though he could surprise me and tell me to hold off on the actual tattooing process. I guess we'll see.

I'm of two minds on the subject. On the one hand, there's the thrill of a new tattoo. It feels like I've been getting new tattoos every time and I suppose in a sense I am. However, Mae is ultimately just one tattoo. I'd also like to go ahead and get them, let them heal, and be able to confidently try on bridesmaids dresses. I've also thought through the design and placement for well over a month, so I'm confident I want them. It's not a spur of the moment decision like some of my others were.

On the con side, I have been getting tattooed a lot. I've gotten 3 new tattoos in as many months. My body is pretty much constantly in a state of healing. Also, my parents would murder me the minute they saw them, especially my dad. I can only hide them for so long. They wouldn't be a big deal at all to conceal for work, but that doesn't matter to them. It's the fact that I got a tattoo *there* where God and everyone can *see* and I will *forever* shame them and myself. Of course, I've never let fear of their reaction stop me, just slow me down a bit. I could also probably put the money toward something "better". Of course, that could be said about a lot of things I spend a lot of money on like waxing, massages, and clothes.

Ultimately, Mark will probably make the decision for me and render the list moot, but I guess it's nice to write out the pros and cons where I can see them in black and white.

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