Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ah ha Moments!

So I called the shop this evening and confirmed both of them will be there tomorrow evening. I want them to look at the spots to see what they may be. I've been treating them like acne, but it seems like the minute I get one to settle down, two more pop up. Since this has been going on over a week, I feel like it needs to be looked at. I'm really at a loss for what else to do to get them to stop. The one on the strap of her dress is really perturbing.

I also had a bit of an "ah ha!" moment today. My biggest concern in getting tattooed so quickly was my health. I thought I might be stressing my immune system to much. Then I realized, I've been in a constant state of healing since February. I got my nipples pierced and they're still not fully healed. Then in April, I got both my traguses pierced. Other than a cold in June, I haven't been sick at all. I would think if I were putting a strain on my immune system, I would've gotten sick by now. I've been around plenty of sick people lately and the seasons are changing. Normally I get some kind of nasty cold right around when the weather changes. Nothing so far. So, by that logic, I guess I'm not really putting undue stress on my immune system. It seems to be working just fine. So maybe I was concerned over nothing? I'm no biologist or doctor, but if I haven't gotten sick, then maybe there's no extra stress to open up for that possibility.

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