Monday, December 8, 2008

Underage Modding and Other Random Thoughts

Britney & Christina are already scabbing. I have to say I'm a bit surprised. I think I know why though. I had a hard time getting them fully dry this morning after my shower. They may have still been a little wet when I moisturized them and got dressed. I know moisture increases scabbing, so I hope this will just progress normally and it won't fall out. That would suck. It might not be a bad idea to take baths for the next week or so to avoid any further issues with scabbing.

Now for the title of the post, underage modding. It's something that I often find myself preaching against. One message board I frequent has a board devoted entirely to modding. Occasionally, a member will post a picture of a tattoo or piercing and then it comes out they're underage. Sometimes as young as 15. I know laws vary from state to state and country to country, but for the most part, most governing bodies seem to agree it's okay if Mommy and Daddy say so at 16 and then you're on your own over 18. In my state, everything is 18+.

I wanted my navel pierced off and on since I was 16. It was the cool thing to do. A lot of girls in my high school went to sketchy piercing studios that didn't seem to much care how old you were as long as you paid up. I waited until I was 18, could sign for myself, and do my research. I picked a place that was known for being clean and reliable. While the other girls were getting infections, migration, and scarring, I got a healthy, happy piercing that I still have 5 years later. I don't think any of them still have theirs.

I suppose I fail to see the urgency of getting modded. Since I was 18, I've been pierced 15 times with 11 to show for it and tattooed 15 times with 10 to show for it. You've got plenty of time, kids. If a place plays fast and loose with age requirements, what else are they ignoring? Infection control practices? Proper jewelry? Training? The odds of something else going wrong seem to go up when dealing with a place that's already willing to break the law. Fortunately, most of these places don't seem to stay in business very long.

So that's my soapbox speech for the day. Now off to work out and then soak in a nice, warm bath.

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