Saturday, December 13, 2008

All right, all right, you're in a mood

I went to the shop yesterday so Mark could see my scabbing in person. He said it looked like a classic case of not letting them dry fully before I put lotion on them. Guilty on all counts. The good news is, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to lose a lot of color. As long as I don't pick at them and just let them fall off on their own, I should be fine. If they need a touch up, so be it. It's free (sort of) and they'll probably end up looking better than the original.

Shane was in a mood. He was working on something and I commented it looked like a dandelion. I didn't mean it offensively at all. I actually rather like dandelions. He snapped at me and then apologized about 5 minutes later. Fortunately, it didn't really upset me. I'm sure it's tough running a business. Also, during these "tough economic times", things like tattoos tend to get put aside in favor of paying a bill. So I'm sure their business is suffering just like everyone else's, though they seemed to be doing a decent business. What do I know though? I just get in the way. :P

Mark and I came up with a bit of a game plan for my foot. He agreed it wasn't that original, but the good news was, it should be easy to work with. Unlike doing something free form, if you trace it from a font, it has a much more uniform look and can be easy to work around. So we're going to try to rework the lettering and add to it. I found some flash that I liked as a jumping off point. Incidentally, it was on the same page where we got Butch (the hummingbird) from. It was a chain of flowers that had a really nice flow to it, similar to the natural curve on the top of my foot. Underneath the lettering we may just stick with flowers or perhaps add a bird. A ladybug might even be cute. That's probably up after Lola, so sometime in early March. By then it's starting to warm up and it would be slightly easier to heal. I'm not wearing boots and socks every day and risking pulling off a scab or something.

Now time for me to work out and go Christmas shopping. 'Tis the season.

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