Sunday, December 21, 2008

Comic Gold and Other Ink Antics

Some humorous exchanges from today:

Mark: Are you into motorcycles?
Me: I'm a girl.
Mark: But you have tattoos.
Me: And I also wear J.Crew.
Mark: Hmmm, good point.

Me: Fresh tattoos are like a magnet for stuff happening.
Mark: Like your cat decides to jump on you and ejaculate...even if it's a girl.
Andrew: My wife always makes me go into the attic.
Mark: To ejaculate?
Andrew: Yeah...wait what are we talking about?

Mark: So I have to redo this girl's tattoo in a "private" area. It's a cat face.
Me: *busts out laughing*
Mark: What?
Me: Oh God...she got a pussy near her pussy.

Today was my touch up for Mae. It went well. He spent a lot of time on her face. There's one spot I'm not sure about, but I'm going to wait until it heals before I pass judgment. He smoothed out a lot of the lines and they look really nice now. Apparently I twitch a lot right around my waist which accounted for some of the problems with the linework. A good thing to know for the other side. Of course, I've still got some spots from my little accident around Thanksgiving. I don't know if it's going to scar or not, or if they're even currently scars. This could pose a problem for Lola. If they haven't gotten any better by a week before or so, I may have Mark take a look and we'll come up with a new plan. I'm hoping it's just because my skin is so fair and shows every imperfection rather than scar tissue.

I also got my Christmas present to myself. A beautiful green hummingbird on my right forearm right below my elbow named Butch. He's all swollen and bloody in this shot, but just to get the general idea of the little guy. For the first time, Mark actually commented on my habit. I'm surprised it's taken him this long.

They also said they really liked the guys who did the "Tribute to Tradition" for the past 2 years. Andrew even went last year and showed me the piece he got. He also said he heard they were doing something along those lines every Sunday in March. The website hasn't been updated, but I'm definitely going to check it out. It was good to hear their positive opinion of the place.


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