Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lucius Part 2

My lovely Lucius is finished. He looks fantastic. Kurt spent a lot of time working on details and making him the best he could look. I'm so thrilled. No pictures yet as I forgot my camera (again) and Kurt didn't want to take any until he's healed. I'll try to get something in the next few days, though.

The experience itself was fine. I hadn't eaten in almost 7 hours by the time he tattooed me, which is a huge no-no. I never felt dizzy or nauseous, but I'm an old pro. I wouldn't recommend it as a good idea at all. I didn't actually end up getting food until almost 11 because I got pulled over, but that's another story for another time. Fact was, I didn't pass out or even so much as feel unsteady. I kept having to change positions because my butt kept falling asleep. That was probably the only irritating part of it. That and he stuck to the inside of my cardigan so now I'm going to have to wash it. Fortunately, he didn't stick to my friend's sheets or futon last night.

No more plans in the pipeline until May 16. Then I think I'll go to Mark and we'll get serious about covering up my foot. The warmer the weather gets, the better it is to get a foot piece. I'm also considering taking a few days off anyway as a mini vacation, so perhaps I'll work that into my time off. That's assuming I don't get a new job that doesn't give a happy rat's ass if I have tattoos or not.

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