Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Skulls and Private Parts

So Russ absolutely insisted I blog about this so here goes.

Last night went from normal tattooing session to one for the history books in about 10 minutes. While Russ was finishing up Lucy, he felt the need to show off one of his particular specialties reserved for a select few. It is...the "tittie skull" (and my spell checker seems to think there's another way to spell "tittie"). I give you the appropriate visual aid.

He had about 4 of them in various shapes and configurations and we all got a good laugh. The conversation somehow degenerated into something like this:
Me: I want one!
Russ: Seriously?
Me: Yeah! Come on! If you're up for it, I'm up for it!
Russ: But you're a girl, you can't have a tittie skull, you need a dick skull!
Me: Go for it!

And thus I was officially inducted into the private part skull club. The way to get a free tattoo is to hang around long enough and let the tattooist have his way with you. If you're willing to let him do whatever he wants, you can have a free tat. I was laughing so hard for most of the time he was tattooing me, he was like "It's like tattooing on a Goddamn trampoline!". That, of course, made me laugh harder. He finished in about 20 minutes and the end result was absolutely hysterical. I literally burst out laughing about every 5 minutes on the drive home.

So without further ado I give you Dick "Blue Balls" Johnson, the founding member of the Dick Skull Club.

Happy April Fool's, kids!


Meg said...

yeah, penises didn't need to be any creepier than they already are lol

Meg said...

also, you know he's just going to be trying to come on to (no pun intended) your other skull ;)

Cherry Bombshell said...

Well, depending on when my tax refund arrives, the other skull (and the whole trip) may not happen.


Theresa said...

Is bachelor spelled wrong on purpose?

La Cherie Bombshell said...

Yup. They spelled it differently on every tattoo. I think one spelled it "bachelore".