Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Say What You Need to Say

I haven't forgotten about you, dear readers. I just *gasp* haven't had anything to say!

The spade is healing okay. It got nice and crusty, so I'm doing my best to keep the scabs soft. I like to lay on my stomach when I'm on my laptop, so it's annoying to have them crack every time I move. I suppose I shouldn't be expecting miracles when it's only 5 days old.

Lucius will be finished on Friday night. Kurt said between an hour and two of work left. I figure I'll assume two and prepare myself for such. I'm sure he'll be even better than I imagined. I'll also try to remember my camera so he can be documented when he's still fresh. :)

Still haven't heard from anyone at Memorial in spite of sending an email and leaving a message. I guess I'll just show up on May 16 and see what happens. I'm probably just being overly paranoid again. I'm sure there's no ulterior motives or hard feelings about me changing my appointment. I want the tattoo and he wants the income. It's in my best interest to go through with it, otherwise I'm out $100. That's not good, now is it? I'm sure I'm just imagining things and it'll be a great experience.

Somewhat related to that Jason is moving from Ink & Dagger to Memorial this summer. This would be the third tattooist who's moved from I & D to Memorial. Maybe Russ smells funny? Who knows? I'd be interested to hear more about why that is. Of course, I'm nosy like that.

In other news, I've been spreading the gospel of tattooing on Yahoo Answers. There's a ridiculous amount of bad information on there. I'm just doing my part to correct some of that. I also really like the opinion questions because then I can bash tribals and Chinese characters guilt free.


Nicci said...

Haha, I saw you on yahoo answers. I was reading the list of tats people had, and went "wow that sounds so much like pinup from ddn" (I only read like the first two tats), and then I looked at the name and went, it must be!

Meg said...

lol, I was TOTALLY looking at a tattoo advice page the other night going, "Ummm, no. Even *I* know that!"