Sunday, April 19, 2009

Various Incendiary Things

I'm so ready for this damn scabbing to fall off of my spade. Srsly. I never thought I'd say this, but I want to wear a real bra again! *grumble* I'm gonna take a bubble bath in a bit and maybe that'll steam the rest of it off. At the risk of sounding like Mark...fucking bastard.

Got my ID back from Ink & Dagger. Chatted with Russ, Russ' client, and Kurt for a bit. Russ was making fun of my Yelp habit. You just watch it, Mister, I can bust balls too, ya know. It's one of my specialties. There's a new member coming to Ink & Dagger, but it's all a big secret. It should be announced in about two weeks who the new artiste will be. I wait with bated breath.

Forcing creativity kind of sucks. I know I want to expand both my chest piece and Lucius. Ideally I'd like to turn Lucius into a half sleeve, but I'm not sure what else to put with him. I've been assured it'll come to me. I'm just not that patient. The same is true for my chest. I started with Britney & Christina so I would have space to expand. Of course, I'd also probably have to have my dermal removed since I've heard tattooing near one can actually force it out. Might need to do a bit more research on that, though. I'm batting around a few ideas for that area. I know I want a lot of color and I guess I'd need to figure out how to work red and black into something other and black. I'm debating if I want to do a traditional banner that's flanked with flowers or if I just want to do flowers. There are blue accents behind the girls, so that could be a jumping off point.

Still haven't called Alex's to cancel my convention appointment. Urg. I hate making those kinds of phone calls. It's gotta be done, though. Blech.

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