Saturday, August 29, 2009

It Was A Bash...

The picture is the inspiration for my last focal piece on my left sleeve. I love her. She's perfect. However, she won't fit in the spot I have to work with. I talked to Tyson ( about it and he said while he didn't have time to modify her himself, he would help Russ any way he could if Russ ends up tattooing her. So I emailed Russ the idea and still haven't heard back. It's not like I won't be down there anytime soon, but if I want to get her done on the timeline I'm hoping for, then we're gonna need to set something up soon. I guess I'll know more in a few weeks.

My dermal spot still isn't totally healed so it can't be reset yet. It's looking like sometime Friday afternoon. At least I'll have the house to myself next weekend so I don't have to make up a reason why I'm going out. Not that it would really matter because it's not a new piercing, but still. They get uppity about odd things. If Jason has a glass retainer on hand, maybe I'll get my nose done for the last time. I also still want my tragus redone. The wishlist isn't getting any shorter. Le sigh.

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