Saturday, August 8, 2009

Man Day

I took pictures, but yet again can't find the cord for my camera, so they're forthcoming. I swear.

We got there around 3 and it was pretty busy. The list for tattoos was already three pages long, but I went ahead and added myself just in case they could fit me in before I needed to leave. I meant to get a shirt, but never got around to it. I also got my picture taken inside the cutout of the artwork for man day. Mama always said I'd make someone a good husband. ;) Jenn and Lauryn participated in the smoking contest which entailed seeing who could get it down to the butt while inhaling the fastest. Ah, hilarious. They were having trouble getting participants for the wing eating contest and I didn't hear how that panned out. Jenn also spun the wheel of destiny and got a Harley Davidson shot glass. Apparently she also stood on the Captain's back while he laid on a bed of nails.

The reason I missed some of this was because I ended up being in charge of the list. Not-Jason (I can never remember this guy's name and I keep trying to call him Jason and he's not, so thus the Not-Jason) needed a break so I took over. It was actually pretty fun. It was very similar to working as a hostess in a restaurant, minus the vibrating coasters. Russ got his hands on a bullhorn, which sped up the process of finding people so they could get their manly tattoo. I got to live my little dream of being a shop girl even if it was only for an hour or so.


Jonathan said...

Not-Jason = Jon :)

Don't feel bad though, i've been trying to find your page for a while to send you a thank-you note for your help on Man Day ... and I couldn't remember your website! Ugh.

I ended up randomly stumbling across your yelp page, and I said "Oh shit, that's her!"

So here I am, and I'd like to say thanks for the assist on Man Day ... It was a mad house!

Cherie Bombshell said...

I'm still gonna call you Not-Jason. :P

No problem. I had a great time. Now if only I could do it all the time!