Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Ideas

So after having a super stressful afternoon, I come to my favorite refuge of body mods. Ahhh, I feel more zen already. So to make myself feel even better, here are my big ideas (literally).

Half sleeve:
One of my favorite songs is "This Time" from August Rush. Lyrics can be found here:

My vision is to have an angel standing on a balcony (think Claire Danes from Romeo + Juliet) and a really nice classic car where the headlights are clearly visible. Those would be the main components of the piece, but I'm sure I'd incorporate more.

A few months ago, I saw a really awesome back piece in Prick. It was this girl who had angel wings tattooed on her back and they took up her whole back. They were in full color going from red to purple. I loved the piece and thought if I covered my back, it would be with something like that. No wussy baby angel wings for me.

Since I already have the French phrase on my back, I thought I'd add to it so that it reads (translated) "I dance with life and I fly with my dreams". I'm also not so crazy about the rainbow idea. Plus, I don't want to spend half my life explaining to people I'm not a lesbian. Since my favorite colors are reds and pinks, I thought it would be really pretty to make the wings in the colors of a sunset.

Since I came up with a better idea for my arm, I decided to move my peacock to my right thigh. Since I already wanted a pin up girl there, I thought I'd try to get them to work together. I'd change the colors of the dress to work with the peacock (probably green and purple) and maybe try to make it look like the girl is turning into the bird. Maybe have a few random peacock feathers floating between the two to signify change. It's something that I'll definitely need to discuss with Kurt because I need to make sure the proportions are right and the bird isn't huge while the girl is small.

This one I've brought up before. My Alice in Wonderland piece. The complete vision is the Cheshire Cat sitting in a tree and Alice is looking up at him. Underneath it has the iconic quote "We're all mad here". It would probably be the least amount of work of the ones I've listed here.

So those are my big ideas that will require more time and money than I have now. However, everyone has to dream, right?

Now time for a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

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