Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peacock Experience

Five. Hour. Sitting. Hear me roar!

So after some cold feet, I almost canceled my peacock appointment. Then I split the difference and decided to move it to my thigh. When I got there and saw the sketch, I knew he was meant for my arm. We tried both places and really, it just looked better on my arm. So Kurt went back to get everything ready. We didn't get started until almost 1 even though my appointment was for noon.

I got to meet Russ' younger son. He definitely takes after his daddy. He was fascinated by Kurt tattooing me. I'm not normally one who enjoys kids, but Cody was pretty cute. He was a happy baby. He said he's looking forward to tattooing me especially after seeing how well I sat.

Kurt has his girlfriend with him, so we talked some. Kurt wasn't much of a talker, but apparently he concentrates very deeply. I gave them some advice about places to eat and things to do in town since they're moving down here. Laura (the girlfriend) was looking through listings of rentals and I'd chime in with my opinion. They're looking to live somewhere close to the shop. I'm jealous. I miss living in Decatur.

We didn't finish all of him, but we got the bulk done. Kurt had someone coming in at 4, who he had to bump to 6, and obviously had to take him. He's got to finish filling in part of the tail feathers and wants to do more detail in the tail in general. He can also touch up anything that doesn't heal properly. Whenever they move down here is around the time we'll finish it. It's going to be at least a month though. I'm not too worried, he looks pretty good as he is now.

I'm really glad I went through with it. I'm incredibly happy with the result. He looks amazing. Now he just needs a name. Without further! Click on them to see the full view if they don't look right.



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Nicci said...

It looks fantastic. Actually fantastic is a weak word to use.

I love it!

I couldn't imagine sitting for that long. My thigh was 3 hours, and towards the end of that I was getting pretty impatient for it to be finished.