Thursday, February 26, 2009

Touch Ups and Such Ups

I got my days off approved from the office so I don't have reschedule with Russ. That's a huge relief. Plus, I'm looking forward to playing hooky from work to get inked. Teehee.

Dustin had a very cryptic message posted on his MySpace. He's recovering from something, though his proxy refused to disclose what it was other than he wasn't in jail and he would honor all appointments at a later time. I'm sure I'll find out what's up eventually. It just concerns me when people post things like that and then details are scant. Makes me think of things that are worse than they actually are, usually.

Mark's touching up a bunch of my stuff on Saturday. Depending on how long that takes, I may stop by Memorial and talk to Phil about my new idea. Though knowing Mark, we won't get started until 3 and then it's gonna be a good 2-3 hours of touch up work. He didn't have any ambitious plans when we spoke last time, but when he gets into it, he comes up with all kinds of ideas. Outwardly, they don't need much work. Lola's shoe needs a bit more color and some lines need to be smoothed out. B & C need some filling in, but nothing major. The time consuming thing is going to be my foot. We don't really have a solid plan that would fall within the realm of "touch up". At minimum, he's going to make the linework look better. I think I want to add more than either of us is prepared to deal with, but we'll talk about that when I get there.

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