Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hanging With The Cool Kids

I called out from work yesterday (I know, shame on me). As a result, I could get to the shop earlier. I got there around 3:30 and it took Jason all of about 10 minutes to fix me up. My dermal wasn't actually loose. The anchor moves around a bit and that's what I was feeling. He humored me and tightened it anyway. Then he gave me a longer post for my nose, which instantly made it feel better. It had started to scar (eek!) and I need to start putting vitamin E oil on it to break down the scarring that has already formed. I haven't cleaned it yet today, but it feels better.

After that, I just decided to hang out. They were really slow. Mark was working with another woman who had apparently been there for a while already. She's had plenty of work done by him as well, so we joked about how a 2pm appointment with him is really more of a 3:30 appointment. I'm scheduled to touch up Lola, B&C, and my foot on the 28th. We decided to go ahead and just work on everything that needed it. Lola actually needs less than I thought. Some lines need to be smoothed out and her shoes needs to be recolored, but other than that, she healed really well. That was good to hear. I was concerned I'd done more damage.

Shane was in a good mood. He was like "Mark! I want to tattoo your leg! Let's do something!" and Mark was like "Eh, I don't really have much space left and what I do have is scarred". Shane was like "I can work with that". Mark just kind of smiled and nodded. Shane scampered off and started drawing something and let Mark get back to sketching for today's clients. A few minutes later Shane goes "Mark! I drew you an elbow piece, come see". It was a spider web type thing in the colors and layout of a Union Jack. I don't know if Mark actually let him do it, as I left around then.

Mark said again that if I get tattooed on one of his days off by Russ or Phil or whomever, he'd come for "moral support". Just what I need, another excuse to skip out on work. Teehee. Speaking of Phil, I need to go by the shop and tell him I've scrapped the the Mucha idea completely and pitch the Alice in Wonderland idea. I also will probably need to reschedule, but I won't know for sure until I've gotten more scheduled with Russ and/or Dustin. I'm just a busy little tattooing bee right now.

And now I'm sick of my laptop freezing so time to end this entry.*sigh*

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