Monday, February 2, 2009

To Do List

On today's agenda:

1. Call Memorial and reschedule my time with Phil. I also need to let him (or someone) know I'm downgrading to just one Mucha. Ideally, I'll keep my April 19 appointment and add May 16(ish). Six hours should be more than enough time for one of those.

2. Still no word from Malia. I may also bring this up in the phone call to Memorial. Not sure though.

3. Prepare for my consulation with Russ. I need to print out my source material and come armed with a calendar. I really need a hard copy day planner. My Blackberry isn't cutting it for things this far in advance. A week or so, sure. Not a month or so.

Lola is doing okay. She's still super tender. I woke up this morning and she was stuck to my shirt. I think I may have taken off some of her hair when I came across a stubborn spot. Lame. She's going to need a touch up anyway, so I'm not super concerned. That will most likely be dealt with when I go for my check up around Valentine's Day. I need to see if their open on President's Day. That would be an ideal time for me to get checked up on and schedule any necessary touch ups.

Now off to make phone calls while it's still fresh in my mind.

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Meg said...

You should sync your Google calendar with your Blackberry-- mine can go a year in advance if I want it to, and if you plug in an appointment either on the computer or in the phone it transfers to the other either when you sync with the computer or if you have data it'll automatically sync. Saved my ass many a time.