Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Ink

Hey kids!

I came up with a totally crazy, but possibly totally awesome idea for more ink. That in a second. For those of you keeping score at home, the following dates will be noteworthy.

March 31-Finishing Lucy
April 18-Session 1 of Alice
May 8-Rockabilly skull at Roanoke Tattoo Festival
May 16-Session 2 (and hopefully finishing) Alice

I was originally supposed to go in for my second session of Alice on May 2, but I don't want to get tattooed 6 days apart. It's just a bad idea. I'm going to tell Phil when I get there for the first session. I feel guilty about it, but the convention was just such a great opportunity, I couldn't pass it up. In short, keep your eyes peeled around those times for pictures. There also may be another "look at me!" post once more work has been completed.

Now on to the crazy idea. I've been batting around the idea of getting bows tattooed on the back of my thighs. Kind of where thigh highs would hit. What I thought might be even better was to incorporate text looping around the rest of my thigh so it looks like a garter with a bow in the back, but the garter is made up of text. There could be a few obstacles to this.

One, thighs move a lot. Not as much as say, fingers or wrists, but enough that it could cause blow out and not age very well. I wouldn't be happy if the quote was unreadable in 5 years. Two, the text size may have to be quite large for it to age well. This would result in probably needing a larger bow, which may take up more space than I'm willing to take up. Three, I don't know what quotes I would use. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, it's hard to pick just two that I would want to have on me forever. I've got everything from song lyrics to Shakespeare to just generic quotes about love, life, and being awesome. The good news is I could probably get away with something fairly long as I have big thighs. For once, having big thighs actually proves to be useful! The idea is in its infancy and I know absolutely 100% that I want Mark to do it. No doubt in my mind. He did such a beautiful job with my back that I know he's up for the task. Plus, he could also make the bows look really good and fit perfectly with my personality. And I want him to do Beverly on my right thigh, so it's just easier to have the same artist working on two pieces in the same area.

So that's my current crazy idea. Whether or not it becomes a reality is debatable. I'll need to talk it over with Mark to see if it's even feasible. Though let's face it, he lets me get away with a hell of a lot more than most clients. If some random chick walked through the door wanting the same thing, he'd probably say no. Me? No problem. Ah the joys of a tight tattooist/client relationship. *gets all mushy*

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Meg said...

In spite of the obvious issues, I think that thigh-high would be totally cute. I saw "bows on my thighs" and I knew immediately where you were going ;)