Monday, March 9, 2009

Weddings and Conventions, Though Not Conventional Weddings

So my best friend is getting married in October. There happens to be a tattoo convention in her city in May. Can we say perfect time to multi-task, kids? I already have a voucher from Delta for a botched flight in December, so that would cover most of the cost of my flight. I don't need to worry about hotel because I can just crash with her. Really my only expenses would be admission to the convention, the price of the tat, and food. I'm waiting to hear back from both the BFF and the tattooist I want to go to. Which brings me to...

I want to see Monica from Alex's New Tattoo in Roanoke. She has a really great way of mixing the cute with the macabre. I think she'd be perfect to do a rockabilly style skull like the one Rhianna has:

I don't think I want the crossbones behind it, I want more detail, and I think I want a tiara rather than a bow. My parents have always called me "princess" so it would suit me more than a simple bow. It can definitely be completed in a few hours and should look really cute.

This also brings me to another issue. My appointments with Phil are April 18 and May 2. The convention is May 8-10. I have two options. I can either cancel completely and lose my deposit or reschedule for June-July-ish. Of course, that's assuming Monica can even take me. The convention is still two months away so I hope she's not totally booked yet. The shop is closed on Sunday and Monday as I discovered when I got the answering machine (way to put your hours online folks!), but allegedly she works tomorrow so hopefully she'll get the message and call me back ASAP. I'll probably miss the call since I'll be at work, but I'll keep an eye on my phone after 1pm.

In other news, I start my puppet on Friday afternoon. Then I have to go see Jason so he can check out my nose. The vitamin E was essentially gluing the stud to my nose. When I would try to clean it, I'd pull out more healing tissue trying to separate it. So now I'm just using the H20cean twice a day and a seriously diluted vitamin E and H2ocean mix once a day. I'm going to be a busy little bee on Friday. Then sometime over the weekend maybe I'll get up the guts to go to Memorial and reschedule for the second time with Phil. I also need to pitch the new idea, so I guess I'll just suck it up and do it then. *sigh* I'm sure he's going to think I'm a total flake, but such is life.

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