Sunday, March 8, 2009

Walking Pin Up Girl

So I've been out of town since Thursday, thus the radio silence in my normal super active blog.

The more I've thought about this whole "ink girl" thing, the more it made me think that I may need to change my overall style a bit. I've always loved retro styling, especially the whole pin up and 40's-50's era glamour. I can't afford to redo my whole wardrobe right now, so I'm working with what I have. A lot of my shoes are very pin up and I've gotten a few accessories off eBay. I'm also playing around with make up to get the right "look" in my make up. I need a better shade of lip color, so I think I may play around with some new lip colors at Sephora. Kat Von D has a couple promising shades. I'll need to try out several, though one is described as "blood red" so that sounds promising. The only shade of lip gloss I have now is too pink. I think I need something that has more of an orangey undertone. I get paid on Friday, so maybe sometime over the weekend I can experiment.

I feel like I want to express more of the tattooed, stylized rockabilly, pin up chick. I'm okay with looking a bit costume-y and campy. I'll probably end up mixing more modern pieces with more retro pieces rather than going full out into retro. I've been debating about growing my hair out anyway and this pretty much sealed it for me. If I hate having long hair again, I can always chop it off. The short hair just doesn't look very pin up and a little too modern. Plus, I've had long hair for such a long time, that I kind of miss it. It also opens the door for a tattoo on the back of my neck. Teehee.

My tax return can't get here fast enough. It's going to finance all kinds of trouble. ;)

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