Monday, March 2, 2009

It's (Body) Art

So time to share a little dream of mine. I'd love to do an artsy nude photo series to highlight all my body mods. At minimum, I might apply to be a Prick girl (which is clothed, but the point is to highlight body art). I've wanted to do this for a while, but I don't know any photographers. I guess I could find one and pay him/her to do it. Though I admit, I'd rather do it with someone I know and am comfortable with. On the one hand, most people know the difference between art and porn. On the other hand, people can be so grossly closed minded that on the off chance they "got out" who knows what might happen?

I guess applying to be one of Prick's "ink girls" would be a start. There's no need for full nudity to successfully show off any of my tattoos. Still leaves me with the small matter of finding a photographer who doesn't suck. I'm pretty comfortable with my body now even though I haven't reached my goal weight. I'm sure there are tricks to hide my tummy poodge and saddlebags. Maybe once I've finished Alice, my puppet, and the cover up on my foot I'll contact the photographer for the mag itself. She charges $75/hr and does sessions in 2 hour chunks. I think that's reasonable and she'll work with you to get what you want. Since she photographs for the magazine, I'm sure she'd be able to help me with what they're looking for in a model. For a month, I might be a minor celebrity. I know I'm inked enough and I know I'm attractive enough. If anything, some of their previous girls have been more curvy than me. So I guess sometime in August, I'll contact her and set something up. Nothing like the dog days of summer for a photo shoot.

Here's to model behaviour. ;)

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