Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Goal...

In addition to getting a tattoo when I reach my weight loss goal (and as a constant reminder to stay fit and sexy), I might get an inverse navel piercing or a dermal anchor. My stomach and hips are easily the parts of my body I hate the most. And it's inevitably the last part to change. I'm not 100% sure I'm suited to an inverse navel because of how the top part is pierced. If not, then I'll just get a dermal there. I want to eventually be proud of that area and show it off. It'll be even better if it's nice and sparkly.

Who knows how long it will take, but a minimum of 6 weeks. And that's losing at the rate of 2 lbs a week. So at the earliest, the end of February. I also need to focus on the toning. I should be doing Pilates 4-5 days a week and situps with the medicine ball 3 days a week. Having the weight come off is only have the battle. I need to make sure I'm toned up to take advantage of getting all the flab off. ;)

I'm absolutely not going to let myself jump the gun and get them early. That's why it's a goal. My weight loss site recommends making a collage of "goal pictures" and posting it somewhere prominent. I'm beginning to think it might actually help. If I'm constantly keeping my eye on the prize, so to speak, then it's all the more motivation to get out there and work hard to take the last 13 or so pounds off. I've let myself backslide and I'm hoping I haven't done too much damage. I'm weighing in tomorrow morning and from there, I'll know just what I need to do. I'm really hoping I can finally beat this mental plateau and begin maintaining a healthy and happy way of life.

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