Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Retirement

I just retired my right tragus piercing. I was kinda bored with it and it wasn't healing really well. So I decided just to get rid of it. At least I'm even again in my ears.

Speaking of ears, my left one feels totally fine. I haven't taken any antibiotics today yet. I'll probably take it right before I go to bed so I can sleep through the inevitable swelling and pain. I figure I needed to give my arm a break. I've been treating my ear with topical antibiotics just to be sure it's not left totally to its own devices. My arm is still sore, but maybe this will help. When I washed it in the shower this morning, a little bit of the scabbing came off. I'm just gonna keep it moist and keep praying. I'm going to get Dustin to check out my arm on Thursday. He'll be able to give me a much better idea of what, if anything, is going to happen to it.

I may get Dave (the other artist whose portfolio I fell in love with) to do an art nouveau piece for me. I asked Russ to do one so I'm going to wait to hear back from him on that. I keep telling myself I'm going to slow down and then I don't. I think after I get my faux peacock half sleeve, I really will cut back. I'm gonna wait to hear back from Russ. It could be at any time. He said he usually starts a piece a month or so after a consult. Ideally, I'd love to have it done at the convention, but I won't be heartbroken if that doesn't happen. I'll know more when they release the information. It is still 5 months away after all.

And because I love lists, the updated tentative schedule:

Feb 1-Finish Lola
Feb 21-Peacock faux half sleeve
Mid-April-Art Nouveau piece done by Dave
June-Second art nouveau piece done by Russ (ideally)
July-Nautical stars on left hip during the "Tribute to Tradition" done by whoever isn't busy

I'll get my weight loss tat whenever I reach my goal. At this rate, it's looking like mid-March. Which reminds me, I need to print out motivational pictures and post them in a prominent place.

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