Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Ideas, Just What I Need...

Currently I'm getting more ideas than I have skin for. Just for sheer visual effect (and the amusement of my beloved readers) here's a compilation of ideas I've had over the past few months.

Finishing Lola (Feb. 1)
Peacock faux half sleeve on right arm (Feb. 21)
Mucha girls (Mar. 22, Apr.5, and possibly Apr. 19)

*Another pin up on my right thigh
*Flowers representing the month each of my immediate family members was born on my left ankle
*The Cheshire Cat on my left ankle
*Somehow adding to my left foot probably in the form of flowers and maybe a ladybug
*Nautical stars on my right foot or my left hip
*Old school cherries behind my right ear
*An old school diamond on my left hand between my thumb and index finger (aka the "ballsy" tat)
*"Tough bitch" on my right lower back when I reach my weight loss goal (maybe?)
*A gothic style female puppet on the inside of my left arm

The last idea, the puppet, is the point of the post. I've been interested in puppets and puppetry for a long time. Hell, half the things I learned when I was a kid was from the Muppets. One of my friends, who's in the process of shopping for an artist for her second tat, mentioned that she wanted something "creepy" as well. I'd never really thought about having a "creepy" tattoo, though I've seen more than my fair share browsing through portfolios. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. All my tattoos are pretty and girly, which is very much who I am. However, there's also a part of me that isn't so pretty and girly. I don't feed gerbils through salad shooters for fun, but like all people, there's more to me than just fancy purses, waxing, and reading Go Fug Yourself religiously.

My current vision for this piece would be somewhat of a hybrid between the Corpse Bride, who is also apparently named Emily, and Emily the Strange. I don't want her too creepy or I'll freak myself out. I want more of a gothic feel than a gross feel. Obviously she still has to look like a puppet. I want her to still be aesthetically pleasing, just in a more dark way. I've done a preliminary search for artists and the two I think would be best suited for the job are both women, interestingly enough. I really liked Malia at Memorial and Danielle at 13 Roses. Malia also used to work at Ink & Dagger, so I know I can trust the quality of her work. A co-worker of mine from BBW recently had work done at 13 Roses and seemed satisfied, though she didn't have it done by Danielle. I would definitely want to meet both of them and see what kind of vibes I get. Currently, I'm leaning toward Malia because I feel her portfolio is a little stronger and I've already visited the shop once.

I could scrap the idea in a month and call myself crazy or I could stick with it. As I was writing down the list of ideas I've had over the past few months, I found myself going "eh" to several of them. It's going to be put on hold at least until after I'm done with the Muchas. Both financially and physically, I'm going to need a bit of a break. And I may not even have a job after late May, so who knows?

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