Thursday, January 8, 2009

Into Reality

In two days Lola will finally be a reality. I'm so excited. I've wanted her for at least a year. I'm practically giddy, I'm so excited. I can't wait to get there and get started. I figure it'll be another 3-3.5 hour sitting. I'd like to get her done in 2 sessions, but if necessary, we'll do a third. I don't anticipate needing to change my appointment times, so that should help. When I opted to change my second session of Mae, that's what threw a wrench into the works. He had to squeeze me in and that's not an ideal situation for a piece that needs as much attention to detail as a pin up girl.

Hopefully I can get a decent picture of Mae as well. I took down the one I had up because it wasn't as good as it could be. I'm sure between the two of us, Mark and I will figure out exactly what position is the ideal picture. I know I have a habit of leaning when I try to take pictures of myself and that distorts her quite a bit. I'd like to have a good picture of her to post and I'm sure he would, too. She was a lot of work and she deserves to be seen. I was afraid her face was going to be too dark, but it lightened up nicely after it finished peeling. Further proof that I should just have faith.

Now back to being giddy...

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