Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lola Part 1

Quote of the Day:
Mark (to me): You're starting to look like a tattooed person!
Shane: Don't tell her that! Then she'll start to think she knows something about tattoos.

Shane then clarified saying I actually do know something about good tattoos because I've been going to Mark for so long. I told him I just admire and only know what I absorb going to see them.

She ended up being smaller than anticipated. When Mark fit the sketch against my side, her foot would've been right on my boob. We both looked at each other and went "Nah". So he shrunk her down and placed her lower. Her foot is now right under my boob and her head is right below my bra line. It will definitely make healing easier. He wasn't totally happy with having to make her smaller, but I still have good symmetry when you see me from the front. I teased him that meant I had space to put something up under my bra. He just rolled his eyes.

Today was a tough session. The shop was super busy. People kept walking in and distracting Mark more than usual. I don't think we even got started until 2:40 or so. Shane made a privacy screen so there were no free shows this time. It was kinda nice. I told Mark I always have the urge to throw random undergarments in the air when I'm behind one of those. He got a good laugh out of that.

He got interrupted at least 4 times while he was working on me. First he had to get a second machine ready because he needed two different sized needles. Then the phone rang. Then he ran out of ink and I actually got up and stretched my legs during that point. Then the phone rang again. By the fourth time, he was a swearing mess. I'm really the best person to deal with these situations because I'm totally chill. It sucked that he had to keep stopping, but I just hung in there. Even if he'd planned to do something other than the outline, he had another client waiting and we needed to get moving. I'm getting her finished off on Sunday the 25th. Hopefully we'll get her finished. I'll do a third session if necessary, but the idea doesn't really thrill me much.

While I was there, I got Jason to check out my nose. As it turns out, it wasn't really swollen at all. I had all this stuff stuck on the bottom of the stud. That was pulling the stud into the hole. Once he'd cleaned it off, it popped right back up. I finally picked up the H2Ocean. I'm going to go with the max recommended treatments for the next few days to help it settle down. He admired my chest dermal. Melanie wanted to get another picture, but when she left, I was in the middle of getting inked. She works Sundays, so we'll probably just do it when I go back to get Lola finished. My nose feels a ton better already after being cleaned.

I'm so happy to have her started. I think she's going to be even better than Mae. I just hope she doesn't get too upset that she's shorter than her sister. ;)

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