Monday, January 19, 2009

In Demand

Well, I sent Russ an email last night about doing a piece with him. I got the usual form letter back saying he was too busy at this time, but he would file it away and keep me in mind. I flat out said that I didn't want it done immediately and I was willing to wait until such time when he could work with me. So, yeah, I wonder when he'll actually look at it and not just the auto-reply. :P I figured I'd probably get something like that. I guess if I decide I really want it, I'll go into the shop well before the convention and see what he says in person. Everyone says he's a really nice guy, so I know it's not just him being a prima donna.

I gave Dustin a glowing review on Yelp since I'm not friends with any of them on MySpace. I know Russ reads it because he's got a little banner on the front page that says "Five star reviews on Yelp" and keeps track of them. So hopefully they'll see how much I enjoyed working with him.

I haven't taken my antibiotics yet today. The swelling is totally gone in my arm, but I know it's just gonna pop right back up when I take one. Ugh. Not great motivation to take them, aye? Oh well. I guess it's that or get another infection in my ear which would be deeply unpleasant.

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