Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Irritating Things

Mark never called me back with a quote on Lola. I'm really not surprised. Typical male, never calls when he says he's going to. :P What probably happened is he didn't get around to sketching and, thus, doesn't know how big she is. Since size is probably the single biggest factor in pricing, I'm just going to go with what he charged me for Mae. I know he wants to have them roughly the same size. Same size = same amount of work = same price. It would just be kind of a pisser to not have the cash on hand. Meh. I let the stupidest things bug me sometimes.

The nose is still swollen. I may have gotten a little better, but it definitely hasn't gotten worse. I can say that much at least. This morning it got a rinse, a soak, and I took a vitamin, drank a big glass of orange juice, and took 2 Advil. Now all I have to do is wait for it to decide it doesn't want to be swollen anymore. I'll probably ice it at least once when I get home. My chest is doing great. It feels secure and it's not really crusty. The bruising is still there, but that's going to take at least another 3-4 days to clear up.

I was browsing the portfolios of some of the guys at the shop that does the "tribute to tradition". A lot of stuff they had up wasn't really my taste, but it was solid work. I was really impressed with the owner's portfolio. Apparently, he's very much in demand and it's hard to get an appointment with him. I can see why looking at the work he does. I bet he's ridiculously expensive, too. That's usually how it goes with the uber talented and in demand. Ideally, I'd like to get inked by him at the convention if he's there. I was thinking if he is going to be there, I might try to introduce myself beforehand. At this point, it's all just hypothetical.

Only 2 more days of getting up early, then it's 3 days of celebrating the anniversary of my birth. Well, I guess 4 since I'm taking Monday off to recover. ;)


Anonymous said...

Where and when is teh convention?

Emily said...

If they hold true to what they did last year, it'll be June 12-14 somewhere downtown(ish). There's a flyer from last year on Sacred Heart's site

I'm going to pick Shane's brain on Saturday and see if he knows anything about this year's. I don't know how in the loop he is since he left Sacred Heart and took over Overlord.