Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Butterflies, Peacocks, and Wolverine(s)

It's official! Kurt emailed me back last night and confirmed my appointment. I'll be going at noon on Feb. 21. He said to expect to sit for anywhere from 4-6 hours. Oh my! The longest I've ever sat is 3.5 and that was on my ribs. I think I can handle it, though. Biceps are some of the least painful places to ink and I sit like a champ. I might ought to bring something to snack on or drink because I know after a few hours, I'm gonna have a blood sugar drop. I've now been told that by 2 tattooists and random guy at I&D. Mark made some comment about how another girl sat really well for a rib piece and I was like "Are you saying I'm not a good sitter?" and he was like "Please, you're one of my best". I feel so smug. I don't get to feel smug about much.

I keep forgetting to mention that I saw the cutest tattoo when I was at I&D. This girl came in with her boyfriend and they were talking to Dustin. She mentioned something about how her stomach was rough to tattoo. Naturally, I asked what she'd had done there. She pulled up her shirt and she had butterflies flying diagonally up her stomach. She said "Yeah, I always have butterflies in my stomach!". I thought that was so freaking cute. Of course, if I ever did something like that, it would be after I have kids. I don't really much care if the shamrock gets distorted, but I'd definitely care if something that pretty got screwed up becaue of babies.

For those who are interested in Kurt's work, he has his own website. and it has all his best work up. I particularly like the Wolverine/Sabertooth side piece. Made me a bit nostaligic for college.

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Kayla said...

That does sound adorable. I cannot wait to see the new piece...I can just see all your new mods instead of spending the money on my own :)