Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Surprises

So I posted on Yelp a few days ago for suggestions for artists to do my peacock. I got a bit of a lukewarm response and struck out on my own. Obviously, I found Kurt and really connected with his work. As a result of the Yelp post, I got invited by the manager of Memorial Tattoo to come by for a visit, meet her, and get a consultation with one of the artists. I told her I'd be by on Sunday. I figure I'll be up front about the fact I've found someone to do the peacock, but I definitely have plans for more. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having two Mucha (art nouveau) pieces on either side of my spine below my current back piece. I already pitched one to Russ and got put on hold. So I figure I might as well check out Memorial. I really love Dave's work, so it would be good to meet him and talk with him a bit. I don't want it until the spring, which I'll also be up front about. So that's on the agenda before work on Sunday.

In other news, Kurt asked me to plug him because he's never been to I&D before (though possibly has been to Atlanta before). I agreed because I'd already posted his website here, so I plugged him on LJ and FB. I didn't do anything on MySpace because I know Shane checks it. I guess part of me still doesn't want them to know what I'm up to until I'm ready to confess. I mean, I won't have a choice when I get Lola finished. Mark's going to see my rose. I guess at that point I'll tell him about the peacock. I mean, he's still going to get plenty of work from me. He's gonna fix my foot and do the pin up girl on my thigh. If/when I decide to extend the pieces on my forearms, he'll do that as well.

I guess I will eventually end up mostly covered. Oh well. ;)

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