Friday, January 2, 2009

Body Mod "Schedule"

Just because I'm obsessive like that.

Jan 3-Nostril and/or chest dermal (all depends on if Melanie is there)

Jan 10-Session one of Lola

Jan 25-Session two of Lola

Feb 8-Session three of Lola (if necessary)

Mar 7-Weight loss tattoo (assuming I've met my weight goal ;) )

Jun 12-14-Get something fabulous during the convention

Jul 4-Get something equally fabulous at I & D's Tribute to Tradition

Fixing up my foot, getting my tragus repierced, getting my conchs pierced, and Beverly (my last pin up) will all happen when they happen, I suppose. I'm really excited about getting tattooed at a convention. I'll probably drive poor Shane nuts tomorrow picking his brains about it.

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